CIPS&DCVG and Pipe Locator Surveys

The methodology used for external corrosion control in underground pipelines consists of coating inspection and effectiveness of cathodic protection. Inspections are carried out by using a combination of the CIPS and DCVG techniques.
CIPS&DCVG and Pipe Locator Surveys
Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS)

Close Interval Potential Survey (CIPS) technique is an inspection system developed for the detailed analysis of cathodic protection systems in underground pipelines. The technique consists of the continuous measurement of pipeline potentials regarding the copper/copper sulfate reference anode. In the way to check the potential by measure every one meter along the pipe. To measure the potential On and Instant Off of the system, which measure values will be used to plot a graph, we will see the difference of the Potential On and Instant Off with clearly, you will find the problem when P/S. Potential fell from the tender point offer is unusual.

CGL have a specializes engineer and technicians in Close Interval Potential Surveys (CIPS) Close Interval Potential Surveys can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of a Cathodic Protection system applied to a buried pipeline. We will conduct CIPS surveys with the aid of rectifier interrupters to evaluate on/off potentials along the pipeline right of way.

Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) surveys

Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG) technique is developed for the detection and analysis of defects in underground pipeline coating. Defects are localized by examining potential gradients in the soil covering the pipeline to determine the direction of cathodic protection current flows. A popular method to detect the disorder pipe coating defect of pipe buried underground. At the point value of P/S Potential unusual, you need to survey of the DC-Voltage Gradient of visiting point to calculate the percentage IR and bring the value to estimate and fix the fault.

CGL have a specializes engineers and technicians in Direct Current Voltage Gradient (DCVG). DCVG survey is the most accurate method available to size and locate pipe coating defects. If a coating is derogatory then the pipeline can be at risk of corrosion.

pipe locator surveys

Pipe locator is a technology to makes use of the scientific fact that underground pipeline emitting radio signals either passive or active can be detected with a hand-held receiver. In the way to find the pipeline and the depth of pipe buried underground, the screen will show to position of the pipeline and the depth of the pipe at the point of visiting from the surface. By the principle of electromagnetic waves in the survey.

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